Our staff will attend to your every need during your stay, from the moment we welcome you at the airport until your departure.


Your field assistant will be taking good care of youto be sure you will have a great hunting experience.They work hard every day preparing your blind, carrying your  shells, shotguns, but also bringin drinks, and stools to your spot. They are also responsible for cleaning the field and picking up all shells expended and the birds. 
At our daily location, we will set up a tent, and prepare the famous Argentine barbecue. You will enjoy the amazing meat cuts accompanied by our well known special Malbec wines. After a great meal, depending on the time of the year, we will set hammocks to relax before the afternoon shoot. 

The secret to the success of Oc Outfitter’s programs is quality interaction with the hunter and the dedication of the staff to make the hunter feel unique and special.

With dedication, professionalism, and effort, we are able to satisfy our clients which is the primary goal of our company.

Whether it be enjoying the view, hunting with friends or sharing a traditional Cordovan asado, the time that you spend in the sierras will be a wonderful treat. And that’s OK because you deserve to treat yourself. Everything is ready for your stay in our little piece of heaven.

About OC Outfitters

For over 20 years, OC Outfitters has hosted sportsmen as they enjoy Argentina's many hunting treasures. The heart of our company is in the rugged sierras of northern Córdoba, where outfitter Octavio Crespo first began guiding clients on our world-famous dove hunts. There you will find our exclusive estancia, the beautiful Río de Piedras Lodge. Combine the varied and wild terrain of the sierras with the unbelievable volume of birds, and you have a hunting experience like no other.

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 “Rio de piedras : Gracias totales"
Manuel , Diego, Victor, Danny y Marcos from Chile

 “ We come to Argentina expecting a great time & experience.As usual we were more than pleased and thankful for your and your teams attentions to detail & the wonderful time you extended to us. The time you took for us was amazing. Thank you so very much”
Tommy & Johnny USA