We´ll start helping you with this special check list so that you do not forget to bring what’s necessary to live the best wingshooting time of your life.

Travelling Here
The final destination for this hunting option is Cordoba City (COR)

The best connections are through Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru) and Panama City (Panama).
When connections are through Buenos Aires (Argentina) you arrive at Ministro Pistarini Airport in Ezeiza and have to change airport to Aeroparque. It is a 40 minutes drive in between airports and up to 80 minutes in rush hours. There are great connections to Buenos Aires from Miami, Dallas, Houston or Atlanta.
When connections are through Santiago (Chile) the connection will be at the same airport. The positive thing about Santiago is that you can sleep all night without a connection. The negative issue is that if you get delay there are only 1 or 2 flights a day to Cordoba.
The connections are through Lima (Peru) and Panama City (Panama) you will have to make connections in the evening and you will be arriving early in the morning and departure will be after midnight. It is positive that there are good rates on these flights.

Important airlines to be considered for international flights:


American Airlines

United Airlines

Latam Airlines

Copa Airlines

Aerolineas Argentinas


British Airways



The reciprocity fee still applies to Australian passport holders, if that’s your case register at www.provinciapagos.com.ar complete the form , and obtain an entry code citizen reciprocity fee (tasa de reciprocidad).Don´t forget to present the printed receipt to be able to enter in the country.
Only Income U$S 100 - Valid for 10 years

Gun entry
We will take care of the gun clearance , printing all copies you need . Please send to us the gun information as it appears at the Passengers Information Form.
Gun serial number
Signature of the 3 copies RENAR form
At the airport you will go thru these controls

On the way back
Gun serial number
Signature of the 3 copies RENAR form

Contact us
From Buenos Aires or the rest of Argentina: 0351-152955500
From Cordoba: 152955500

octavio@ocoutfitters.com / ochunting@gmail.com / octavio@ocoutfitters.net / gohuntingargentina@gmail.com

Other information

A valid passport with at least 6 months remaining is required. No VISA is required for most UE Community subjects. Reciprocity Fee is not required to USA citizens


In case you have trouble with lost luggage please leave to the airline´s agent your host´s contact information, as well as the keys or combination for locks in case of having used them. Piece lost is a Gun you should sign down an authorization and leave a copy of your passport to the airline agents. The airline must deliver your luggage to the Estancia with no charge and you have the right to claim for u$ 70 refund when leaving the country.


Our representative handles the airport assistance and she will have given the groups name to a luggage boy so you may be contacted by him as soon as you get to the luggage hall. Please let them carry your luggage. A small tip u$ 3 - u$ 5 per person is appropriate.


If you want to check the temperature you can have more information in this link: https://weather.com/en-GB/weather/today/l/ARXX1873:1:AR


220 volts A standard converter and European adapter for two – pronged plug is needed.

Shooting Safety Glasses
Shooting clothes
Ankle High Boots/Shoes
Shooting gloves
Muff Recoil Reduction device
Shell pouch
Shoulder Pad
Small Field bag
Insect repellent

Available under request at the Estancia: Silicone plugs, recoil pads.

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For over 20 years, OC Outfitters has hosted sportsmen as they enjoy Argentina's many hunting treasures. The heart of our company is in the rugged sierras of northern Córdoba, where outfitter Octavio Crespo first began guiding clients on our world-famous dove hunts. There you will find our exclusive estancia, the beautiful Río de Piedras Lodge. Combine the varied and wild terrain of the sierras with the unbelievable volume of birds, and you have a hunting experience like no other.

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 “Words can´t describe , truly magical for my dream of dove shooting in Argentina , outstanding week all"
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